Following an accident or injury, it is essential to follow through with documentation to build the strongest personal injury case possible. A strong case increases the likelihood of success and thus compensation.

When building such a case, it is crucial to leave no stone unturned. Follow all of the appropriate procedures, listen to legal counsel, and collect all of the evidence available – and be sure that it is adequately documented.

Get Immediate Medical Care

Heading straight to the doctor following an injury serves two purposes. First, one should always get the appropriate medical care when needed, as this will lessen damage and alleviate pain.

Second, this first step is one of the more essential parts of the process. Getting medical treatment leaves a trail of documentation, which can easily be found and provided during a court case.

When seeking care, it’s essential not to leave any details out. Any oddities, sudden changes, pains, etc., should be mentioned and thoroughly documented. Again, this provides both health and legal benefits.


Another early and vital step in this process is to file the appropriate report. Was it a car accident you were in? Or was it some other form of accident? Depending on the instance, a police or accident report may be necessary. Don’t forget – if this happened at work, file through HR.

Collect Evidence

The more information and evidence provided during a personal injury case, the better received it will be. It is challenging to refute hard facts, so offer as much of those as possible.

When it comes to collecting evidence, there are a variety of routes to follow. Photographic evidence is always a significant boon, as are witness testimonies. Other helpful documents include medical records, doctor’s notes, proof of wage loss, receipts, police reports, work reports, videos – anything and everything that could be available.

Be Accurate – and Honest

The simple truth is that lying in any form can have a significant and negative impact on your case. For the best outcome, it is critical to be both as accurate and honest as possible. This includes keeping your lawyer informed and up to date.

Stay Off Social Media

Last but certainly not least, it’s crucial to stay off of social media. It is essential to avoid talking too publicly about the case in general. Doing so can and will impact the case itself. Not to mention, keeping this information private helps protect your privacy as well.